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Hello Canada 2015
Scan of Ash at the We Are Disorderly Screening, August 2015
1 file
-Mountain News 2015
Scan of Ashley on the Lifestyle page, July 2015
1 file
-The Magazine 2014
Scans of Ashley, Spring 2014
1 file
-Hamilton Magazine 2013
Scans of Ashley, November 2013
2 files
-Fashion 2012
Scan of Ashley, November 2012
1 file
-Calgary Sun 2012
Scan of Ashley, September 2012
1 file
-Hello Magazine 2012
Scan of Ashley, September 2012
1 file
-Brant Connection 2011
Scans of Ashley, December 8, 2011
2 files
-The Magazine 2011
Scans of Ashley, November/December Issue #117
2 files
-Brant Connection 2011
Scans of Ashley; promo for hockey game, November 24, 2011
2 files
-Hello Magazine 2008
Scan of Ashley, Most Beautiful Canadians
1 file
-B-Zone Magazine 2007
Pictures from the issue, and some of Ashley's style
3 files
Pictures from various unknown magazines
4 files