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-Headshots #1
   Headshots by Unknown
   9 files
-Headshots #2
   Headshots by Unknown
   1 file
-Headshots #3
   Headshots by Tim Leyes
   6 files
-Headshots #4
   Headshots by Theo and Juliet Photography
   9 files
-Headshots #5
   Headshots by John Bregar
   3 files
-Headshots #6
   Headshotsof Ashley as a child, by unknown
   2 files
-Deryck Lewis 2008
   Photoshoot for Hello Magazine!
   2 files
-Heike Delmore 2009
A gorgeous photoshoot of Ashley with Jeremy
   13 files
-George Qua-Enoo 2011
Ash with her sister-in-law Kristy, husband Jeremy, and parents. Bridal shower.
   31 files
-Andreas Kretschel for 2013
Ash with husband Jeremy in Germany
   6 files
-Dustin Rabin 2013
Ashley photographed at the TIFF IT Lounge in Toronto
   3 files
-Brent Perniac 2013
A gorgeous photoshoot of Ashley
   11 files
-Rune Ahlen 2013
A photoshoot of Ashley and Jeremy for VIK Hockey
   10 files
-Jordan Letkemann 2015
An impromptu photoshoot of Ashley by her friend, very stunning!
   6 files
-Jordan Letkemann 2016
An impromptu photoshoot of Ashley by her friend, very stunning!
   15 files
-MTV 2016
Ashley with Michael Seater to promote People Hold On
2 files
-Fotoatelier am Hafen 2017
A shoot for her husbands hockey team the Straubing Tigers for their 2018 calendar
2 files